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Workplace Wellbeing Programme

The workplace is an important setting for health promotion, health protection and disease prevention programmes such as diabetes, high blood pressure, stress and mental health. We spend a large percentage of our time at work.

Employers have a duty of care to provide a safe working environment The use of effective workplace programmes can help to reduce health risks and improve the quality of life for employees and help to reduce sickness absence and improve productivity.

When you have a healthier workforce, it can lead to reduced costs such as insurance premiums and compensation claims. To improve the health of employees, wellbeing culture can be created which is focused on the employee and provides opportunities for employees to be engaged in a different workplace health programmes.

What is a Workplace Wellbeing Programme?

Benefits for an organisation are a reduction in absenteeism, improved productivity, employee engagement, improved morale and helping with recruitment and retention and a reduction in potential accidents. This all leads to a considerable cost saving over a period of time.

Workplace health programmes can lead to change for the employee as well as the organisation. The programmes have the potential to improve an employee’s health with an improvement in health risks for disease and reduction in some lifestyle choices such as smoking and alcohol.

There is a return on investment of £5.00 for every £1 spent on staff well-being -Deloitte

How it works - 4 step approach

1.  Assess - we will carry out a wellbeing and resilient needs assessment of individuals within an organisation
2. Plan - we help to support leadership and to provide a Workplace Wellbeing Improvement Plan.   
3. Implement - the programmes are implemented and this is tailored to meet your specific requirements.
4. Evaluate - the success of the programme is measured including reduced sickness absence, return on investment and improved outcomes.

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