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Prevent and Manage Stress

Guidance and Support Package

Stress Guidance and Support

Welcome to YSM Solutions latest Stress Support Package. This comprehensive package is specifically designed for small and medium-sized businesses, human resources, managers, health and safety professionals, directors, and occupational health teams. We understand that employers have a legal obligation to protect their employees from workplace hazards, including stress. That's why we offer a supportive package tailored to businesses with 5 or more employees, providing guidance and support on how to prevent and effectively manage stress in the workplace. With our expertise, you can ensure a safe and healthy work environment for your team.
Over 17.9 million days are lost at work each year due to work-related stress, anxiety or depression. Recent studies have shown the main causes are lack of management support and excessive demands.

Telephone Support and Guidance for the Stress Support Package

Our Stress Support Package offers small and medium-sized businesses, human resources, managers, health and safety professionals, directors, and occupational health teams the necessary tools to address workplace stress effectively. As employers have a legal obligation to safeguard employees from stress-related hazards, our comprehensive package includes a stress risk assessment to ensure compliance. We provide dedicated telephone support and guidance to assist businesses in preventing and managing stress at work. With our expertise, you can create a healthier and more productive work environment for your employees.

The package consists of some of the following:-

  • Information on our step by step approach
  • Manager and employee guidance
  • Individual Stress Assessment
  • Individual/Team Stress Risk Assessment
  • Action Plan
  • Examples of a completed Stress Risk Assessment and Action Plan
  • Follow up discussion and guidance based on the results

Other services and support as required

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Company Experience

We have been helping companies since 2009 to prevent and manage stress effectively and have been running training courses since 2011 on Stress Risk Assessment with our highly experienced IIRSM approved trainers and risk managers.

"We have just completed our stress risk assessment with the pack and guidance from YSM Solutions and it was a lot easier than we thought. We found it a very helpful service for our business which we have signed up to on an annual basis"  Director, Sales company
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