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Assertiveness and Confidence Building

Can be one or two days to include role play following successful training courses and feedback.

Comments from previous courses

“Role playing was fun. Lianne is a good actress and ad-libber. Jessica is the same” Kevin

“Thank you very much for an enjoyable day. Great opportunity to observe and participate. Good connection between Jessica and Lianne. Excellent to have Lianne and would love more of this approach. Thank you”.  N. G.

“Thank you very much for a lovely day. Great environment and hospitality which helps my learning”. Naresh

“I really enjoyed the course” Emma

“I hope this works and I can go on to use in my work and personal life” Joan

● Are you having difficulties dealing with problem and difficult people?

● Feel that you are being taken advantage of

● Feel helpless and unable to stand up for yourself

● Are you being bullied and shouted at?

● Are aggressive people causing you to feel under extreme pressure?

● Are you lacking in confidence?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to some or all of the above, come along to the Assertiveness and Confidence Building training and learn lots of new techniques to help you be more assertive and more confident.

This course will help you to gain tools and techniques to boost your confidence and build your self-esteem. You will gain practical help to deal with situations assertively and not aggressively at work and how to be more confident. To build and improve relationships with others at work and in any situation. You will find out how to build respect with others, important verbal communication techniques, and also how body language can impact on us.

Outline Programme:

By the end of the course each delegate will be able to:

The course is interactive and includes group discussion, explanations, exercises and practical group and individual work. Numbers are limited to keep groups small. Can go towards your CPD

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Training methods used:

Trainer presentation; power point; flip chart; group discussion; small group/pairs work; practical

exercises; handouts, tips and workbook.

Other suitable courses: Assertiveness and Confidence Building, Goal Setting & Motivation,

Stress Management for Managers, HSE Management Standards and Stress Risk Assessment

Course Details

Please contact us for further information on upcoming course dates.

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In-House Training

We can provide in-house training.

Please call us on 0141 354 1431 to discuss how we can meet your requirements.


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