For IIRSM approved training courses and innovative training courses to improve individuals, teams and organisations. Our training has a focus on physical, mental and emotional health at work

and in everyday life

YSM Solutions has provided training since 2009. Training can be delivered in-house or as open course dates.

With a wide range of courses especially around personal and professional development such as resilience, assertiveness, confidence building, goal setting, stress awareness and wellbeing, mental health awareness and more  

Introduction to Leadership & Management

Healthcare and Nursing short courses

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IIRSM Approved Stress Risk Assessment Training

Helping employees and employers who need help and support absence, short or long term, return to work.  Get in touch at 0141 354 1431 or contact us

We are able to support Employers, employees, Human Resources, Occupational Health Professionals and identify the value of vocational rehabilitation.


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Absence Management Solutions

This training is recommended for all to help to recognise their personal capacity for overcoming adversity, challenge negative thinking and emotional patterns.

Resilience is the ability to cope with the challenges, and various issues we can face in life, and to become much stronger by learning new skills. You will gain an understanding of resilience and learn how to promote and develop personal resilience in the workplace and in everyday life.


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Resilience training

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