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Absence Management Solutions

We provide workplace support to help any size of business to effectively manage absence whether from one day or more.  We have provided absence management solutions to small and medium sized organisations across a range of industries since 2009. Employees return to work much quicker with a proactive and supportive plan in place.  For small businesses, we provide a absence call in service when the employee will phone a nurse and report in, we provide advice and also contact the employer. As it is a nurse asking the questions, the employee is frequently back to work much sooner.

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There are huge benefits which can be achieved through the early and proactive detection and intervention of physical and psychological health problems, which can have a major impact on the workplace.

Working with you can quickly evaluate, intervene and resolve issues, ensuring a healthier workforce, organisation and your bottom line.

Our approach is to provide a unique combination of proactive health solutions that help tackle absence issues through a range of either modular or integrated support services, whilst effectively promoting the positive health and wellbeing of your employees.

With the focus on the early facilitation of a timely return to work, our proactive solutions provide access to our absence management team which consists of health coaches, clinical and specialist absence managers, occupational health professionals, case managers and rehabilitation services.   

A client example is when an employee was off sick for one week in a local office with 20 employees. One of our nurses contacted the employee to identify the cause. The employee had a chest infection and this had not responded to antibiotics. They had attended their GP and were given a further course of antibiotics and a chest x-ray. The nurse was able to follow up with a further call to speed up recovery and return to work.  The nurse put a plan in place and advised a phased return and reasonable adjustments. A report was sent to the employer within 48 hours.

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Absence Management Solutions

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