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Vocational Rehabilitation

Early Intervention is key to long term absence management

When an individual or an employee has been off for a period of time, it may take them longer to be able to return to work and the cost is high to an employer. With some simple adjustments, it can be possible for an employee to return much sooner along with additional support from the

 From our experience of absence management, early intervention is key to an employee returning to work with specific adjustments in place where appropriate. The help and support co-ordinated by our vocational rehabilitation team which can include job retention case management ensures that employees and employers are supported to an early return effectively.  

Referrals to this service can be from individuals, employers, case managers, solicitors, insurers. YSM Solutions specialise in stress and mental health and illness including:-

To enquire or for more information, complete form quick enquiry on right or telephone 0141 354 1431

Some of the services we provide are:-

We can assess the following for your employee or you as an employee:-

We will advise on the modification of the employee's role and environment in order to prevent further relapse or injury.

To enquire or for more information, complete quick enquiry form on right or         

telephone 0141 354 1431


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