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Effective Training - Proactive Absence Management - Health and Wellbeing
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Employee Health Checks

The health checks can provide vital health information for your employees from just 15 minutes. We can provide on-site health checks with immediate feedback to your employees’ risk for diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and other chronic conditions. More
Onsite Therapy Sessions

We provide mindfulness, chair massage and indian head massage which helps engagement, enthusiasm and wellbeing. Find out more here
Stress and Mental Health Training

We provide IIRSM approved training for all your staff. We will work closely with your teams to deliver effective training leading to a more productive and healthier workforce. More
Absence Management Solutions

Refer a member of your staff where you may have concerns about their health, performance (there could be health issues) or level of sickness absence. More
Stress Audit

With our experience we can support you carrying out a Stress Audit or Wellbeing survey or we can work with you and deliver it with a full report with recommendations. For more details please get in touch
Stress Safety

We provide consultancy when you have stress, bullying or any issues requiring our expertise. Our consultants can advice and support you within a quick timescale. For more details please get in touch
90 minute bite-sized training sessions

When time is of the essence, we can deliver short and effective training sessions. Check out some of the sessions we provide and we mix and match to meet your requirements. More
Your team not engaged or performing and lacking in energy, feeling stressed, overwhelmed. The answer is Health Coaching
to gain a balance in their life looking at emotional, physical and mental wellbeing. Try a trial session.  More
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