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Onsite Therapies

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Great ways to happier and motivated teams in a forward thinking organisation

We are now offering onsite mindfulness, colour therapy and indian head massage. If you would like to find out how much your staff would benefit from these sessions, why not have a trial session and you may find that you would like it on a weekly or a monthly basis or as often as you wish. Join other forward thinking organisations and offer these sessions.

To book - please complete form above or phone 0141 354 1431.


Indian Head Massage

Colour Therapy

Mindfulness is a great way for your staff to be more relaxed, learn new techniques and

Helps mental health and reduces stress levels leading to more motivated and happier staff.

Why not try and find out the benefits.

Book a trial half day session for £225.

Indian Head Massage is a great way to ease stress and anxiety by relieving headaches, tensions in muscles, other ailments and promoting calm.

It can also help sleep and promotes wellbeing and helps concentration.

Book a trial half day session for £195

Colour is all around us and can have an important impact on us on many levels such as physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Colour Therapy has been used for thousands of years including the Greeks and Ancient Egyptians.

Find out how colour can balance and enhance your energy centres which can help to promote health and wellbeing.

Book a trial half day session for £195.

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