IIRSM Approved Managing Stress and Psychosocial Risks for Managers 

Training Course can be delivered virtually for your team 

Full day


This full day course on how to Manage Stress and Psychosocial Risks within the workplace. Managers are key to managing stress and being proactive in their approach. How to have a proactive rather than a reactive approach to stress and common mental health conditions within the workplace. A highly interactive and enjoyable course, with real life case studies to enhance learning and some role play. You will learn how effective managing stress can be and how to be confident to have a conversation with an employee under stress or with a mental health condition.

Section 1 - What stress and psychosocial risks are?
Explain the importance of managing stress and psychosocial risks within the workplace especially with ISO 45003 guidelines. Describe the impact of stress and psychosocial factors at work. Go over psychosocial risks factors.

Section 2 - Impact of Stress at Work
This section looks at the HSE and Legal implications and identify early signs of stress, its impact and when to take action

Section 3 - The Management Standards approach
Describe guidance on interventions for work-related stress at an organisational and an individual level. Explain how to effectively Manage Stress and Psychosocial risk. Overview of the Management Standards

Section 4 - Return to Work and being resilient
Takes you through each step of supporting the return-to-work process including reasonable adjustments. Learn when you speak to an employee about their health, performance or conduct effectively. How to approach different situations and how to start a conversation. Demonstrate ways to lead and promote a resilient and healthy lifestyle at work and at home.

What will you learn? 
By the end of the course you will be able to:
Understand the importance of managing stress and psychosocial risks and the impact of stress and stress-related conditions
Recognise early signs of work-related stress and its impact
Explain HSE and Legal implications
Understand the HSE Stress Risk Assessment process including the Management Standards
Understanding of return to work, rehabilitation and support of an employee who has been absent with stress
Be confident to speak to an employee with stress or mental health condition
Be confident to lead a more resilient and healthier team

Cost: includes handouts, tips and Certificate of Attendance.
Virtual live training £245 (£195 early bird 4 weeks prior to open course)
Face to Face £295 (not currently available)

Comments from previous courses:

"Good pace and enjoyed the role play which will be useful back at work"
NHS Manager

"Had been on the half day course and found this course has been helpful for all I am dealing with at work"
Finance Manager

"Trainer had in-depth knowledge of the subject"
HR Generalist

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