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Developing Personal Resilience

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Developing Personal Resilience
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This half day training course is recommended for all to help to recognise their personal capacity for overcoming adversity, challenge negative thinking and emotional patterns. You will gain an understanding of resilience and learn how to promote and develop personal resilience in the workplace. You will find out about the importance of self-care, and it will enable participants to understand their own personal pressures and how to apply suitable coping strategies to enable to thrive and survive.

What will you learn?
By the end of the course you will be able to:
▪ Explain what is meant by work pressure, performance and resilience
▪ Explain the importance of being more positive
▪ Describe effective techniques to be resilient
▪ Identify how to be more resilient and improve wellbeing
▪ Develop an effective resilient action plan

What are the objectives?
▪ Explain and identify personal pressures
▪ Understand personal capacity for overcoming adversity
▪ Challenge negative thinking and emotional patterns
▪ Understanding of resilience and learn how to promote and develop personal resilience in the workplace.
▪ Identify self-care and improve wellbeing
▪ Develop coping strategies to enable to thrive and survive

To allow for learning there are small groups with practical exercises; handouts and tips.

Other suitable courses: Building Resilience, Stress Awareness and Wellbeing (half day), Assertiveness and Confidence Building, Goal Setting & Motivation, Managing Stress for Managers, Stress Risk Assessment

To register interest or for a quote to be delivered in-house on your premises, complete form above or phone 0141 354 1431.

Cost includes handouts, tips, refreshments

Comments from previous courses
'Excellent course - i feel more confident to approach situations/people about things that I am not happy with'  MW

'Very friendly, knowledgeable presenter'  MM

'Very informative and relaxed atmospher for the course' SB

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