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Building Resilience  

This training is recommended for all who wish to build their resilience. This is a very popular one day course and is also useful for teams.

Course Objectives:

By the end of the course you will be able to:

The training will cover what resilience is and the key skills you will learn. It is an interactive course and you will gain some practical skills and techniques so that you can cope with pressures and demands of life at work and enable you to thrive and survive when times are tough such as going through change.

Be the end of the course, you will be more confident to enable you to put all the skills and techniques in practice when you go back to the workplace.


Some comments from previous courses:

‘Lots of information and has given me some ideas to be more resilient’

‘Will help me back at work and the techniques will help’

’Glad I came to the full day with lots of discussion and a really good group’

Other suitable courses: Personal Resilience, Stress Awareness and Wellbeing for Healthcare professionals (half day)Assertiveness and Confidence Building, Goal Setting & Motivation, Stress Management for Managers, HSE Management Standards and Stress Risk Assessment, Stress Awareness and Wellbeing (half day)

Course Details

Full Day 

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90 minute bite-sized training sessions

Developing Personal Resilience

Assertiveness and Confidence Building

6 Steps Team Building

Stress Risk Assessment

Stress Awareness

Managing Stress

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