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90 minute bite-sized training sessions

This is a small selection of the 90 minute bite-sized training sessions we offer onsite with are very popular. For the first time, we are offering this selection as open training sessions.

Healthy Heart – how to look after your heart

Learn how you should look after your heart and also what can go wrong with your heart. Essential tips and techniques towards a healthy heart. Participants will

Identify ways to maintain a healthy heart  Barriers to a healthier lifestyle   Work life balance

Be more confident

You will learn how to be more confidence and to deal confidently with situations which may arise. Participants will:

Change – how to live with it

Change happens in every part of our lives and we may not deal with it as well as we would like - change can be redundancy, job loss, or a major life change. We can learn to be more positive with change.  Participants will

Bringing out the best in yourself and others

Whether in your work or home life, do you bring the best out in others? You will learn how to bring the best out in those around you when they shine. Participants will

Learn how to deal with conflict

Learn how to deal with conflict with a response to defuse situations. Participants will

Nutrition and eating well

Stress versus Pressure

Emotional Intelligence and Stress Management

Healthy Eating and Food Labelling

Sleep Well

Reduce Smoking or stop

Effects of Drugs and Alcohol

All the courses includes handouts, tea, coffee and networking.

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Developing Personal Resilience

Assertiveness and Confidence Building

6 Steps Team Building

Stress Risk Assessment

Stress Awareness

Managing Stress

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